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Beachside Lawn Maintenance LLC. has been serving the Brunswick County and Myrtle Beach area since 2012

About Us

If you are in need of lawn care, it is important to obtain the quality and experienced service from Beachside Lawn Maintenance. We will develop the best option for your lawn care needs. Our business has extensive experience with large national companies.


It was apparent to us that the primary concern of these companies was getting the job done as quickly as possible to maximize their profits, no matter the cost to the customer or quality of work. They also were not concerned with communicating with the client. At Beachside Lawn Maintenance, we take the opposite approach.

Mowing, Edging in Brunswick County and Myrtle Beach

Every single visit that our technician makes to a home is a thorough and comprehensive one with no time limits or constraints. We will expect to meet with the client to discuss their property and the issue that they are facing. The lawn analysis we offer can take place as an opportunity to discuss the best method to achieve your goals.


These visits can take place both before and after each treatment. During these meetings, we will discuss any issues and concerns that any party has. Our technicians will also offer instructions for each treatment. In addition, we are available for free service calls within 48 hours anytime between the regularly scheduled applications.


Our Commitment

As your lawn service provider in Brunswick county and Myrtle Beach, we can prove to you our commitment to high-quality service, to communication whenever necessary, and to honesty in our work. We are committed to taking the time that is needed to get involved with our clients and to provide them with personalized care. Our company also takes the necessary time to ensure that each customer gets the results they deserve on their lawn. Personal care to each of our clients and their lawns is our highest priority. We want to provide each customer with the highest quality of horticulture services available. We use the best products available, as well as quality equipment. 

No Lawn is Too Big or Small, WE CUT THEM ALL! 

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