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Beachside Lawn Maintenance LLC. has been serving the Brunswick County and Myrtle Beach area since 2012

Our Services

Lawn Service

At Beachside Lawn Maintenance, we are dedicated to providing each homeowner with the highest quality products and services available today.

Our lawn service company keeps you up to date on the current and changing conditions of your lawn. We want you to know all of the options that are available to you so that we can ensure that you are entirely satisfied with the services we have provided.

We are dedicated to the needs of each client. All of our services are completed in a timely fashion based on the season, weather conditions and which individualized program the client has purchased. We provide services in both residential and commercial neighborhoods, so call our lawn service specialists today!


There are a variety of residential landscape issues that you can face outside of your home.

Whether you are interested in Lawn Maintenance or our quality tree and shrub services, our service technicians from Beachside Lawn Maintenance have the experience to care for all of your needs.

When it comes to lawn care or any other residential service, the job will begin with an initial visit to the property to determine what service needs to be completed.


Our company also has extensive experience handling the lawn service of commercial areas.

We have been serving satisfied customers with tree and shrub care and a variety of other services.

We offer both indoor and outdoor maintenance for commercial areas.

We can handle every aspect of landscape maintenance, from turf management to mulching and ornamental bed weed control for a large range of commercial customers.

Trusted Lawn Service Work for BLM Customers

As an experienced lawn service , our main service area is our lawn care program. This specialized program may consist of fertilization, broadleaf, grassy weed control, or other services. We can recommend the services that we believe your lawn may benefit from and what should be included with the lawn care program, such as grub control. Our company is committed to using the finest equipment available. We use tools and products that are designed to achieve the greatest results based on the grass type, the Carolina coast weather, and the soil sample results. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Service Plans

Beachside Lawn Maintenance does offer a wide array of payment plans and packages for our customers. We always try to be flexible and provide as many options as possible.


Monthly Payment

You pay as you go throughout the season, paying for services rendered from the prior month. Billing is done on the first of the month, payments are due on the 15th. All terms of payment apply, and can be found on ourTerms page.


Season Prepay

The Season Prepay plan is based on 28 weeks of lawn mowing service. By paying your lawn services before the season begins, you get a discount off the total for these services. This is a great way to save on your lawn care, with a significant discount.

The average season ranges from April to mid-November, which gives BLM about 36 plus weeks to complete the 28 weeks of service. If at the end of the season the 28 weeks have not been completed, a refund will be issued in the form of trade for extra services, a credit to your account, or monetary refund. BLM has offered the Season Prepay option for since 2012, and many customers have taken advantage of this discount over the years. BLM has always endeavored to ensure that the full value of the payment is received if not more.
Besides the discount rate, the Season Prepay has many benefits. When you prepay, your rate will be frozen through the season. Season Prepay customers are not subject to any rate increases or extraneous charges during the season, even those due to fuel price increases. If you need additional cuts during the season above the weekly mowing service, they are covered in the Season Prepay plan. Grass growing too fast and long? Need an extra cut for a party or special occasion? One more cut at the end of the season? All covered in the plan.

However, Season Prepay customers will be subject to the minimum monthly charge term. If your lawn burns out during dry weather conditions, you will still be assessed a minimum of 2 cuts per month. Those assessed cuts will be counted toward the minimum of 28 cuts per season. For more information on the new minimum monthly charge, please see the Terms page.

Now for the small print. All prepays are fully refundable until April 15. After April 15, all services rendered at the the full price service rate will be applied to the prepay, and the remaining balance will be refunded, with BLM keeping $100 minimum as nonrefundable. If for some reason BLM has to end your services before the full season is complete, you will be refunded as described above.

In addition, you must allow BLM to complete the full 26 weeks of services within the described 36 plus week mowing season. Repeated call-offs, completing the work before BLM, disallowing service all will constitute canceling the Prepay plan and refunds will be treated as described above. If at the end of the season the 26 weeks have not been completed, a refund will be issued in the form of trade for extra services, a credit to your account, or monetary refund. You will not receive monthly statements, but your services will be recorded and you may request a service history at any time in the season.

The Season Prepay is the only discount program that BLM will offer for the season. Those customers that don’t prepay will be on the pay as you go program, at full price. We do not plan on offering additional prepay offers after the January deadline.

No Lawn is Too Big or Small, WE CUT THEM ALL! 

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